My High School Juniors Are Planning Their Weddings!

My high school juniors are planning their weddings!!

That’s right! They’ve named their bridal parties, picked the readings, and are in the process of designing the worship aid (pamphlet)!
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Five Reasons to March

Imagine, if you will, 90 St Paul Catholic High School students getting up at 4:30 in the morning, packing their cars, and rushing off to meet at a convent and hop on a bus no later than 6:00 AM! Why on earth would they do such a thing?
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Four Aspects, One Love!!

Surprise! Delight! Joy! All these emotions flashed across my wife’s face as she unwrapped the bouquet of assorted roses that I had brought home for her after work. Looking up, she asked quizzically, “What are these for?” I shrugged and said, “Because you like them, because I love you.”
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As Light as a Feather: The Gift of Innocence

The look on Sal’s face was absolutely priceless! It was a mix of shock and horror as the precious cargo he carried flew up in the air. The rest of us in line looked on with horror, while the older guys in the group laughed.

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Five ACTS(B) of Prayer

Starters for Conversation with God.

Have you ever had a conversation and found yourself at a loss for words? Perhaps someone approached you, and the words were right there on the tip of your tongue and they wouldn’t come out. It might have even happened when you were introduced to a new person.
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Jesus, Why Aren’t You Hanging With Me?

Lord, where’d you go?

I had just finished mowing the lawn, walked into the house and was getting ready to wash up when in my reflection in the mirror, I noticed something was wrong. The crucifix that a family member had given to me over 50 years ago, when I was an infant, looked different…Jesus was gone!
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A Gorilla, Glass, and Grateful!

Ohhh Daddy look at the big monkey!

With that, my son pointed at the gorilla at the Bronx Zoo.  He said those words in early September 2007, nearly 10 years ago! Shortly after that, the gorilla got up and raced towards my two children, startling them.  My son, then nearly 2 ½, shrieked in horror, and my daughter ducked behind me for cover.

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What Adopting Taught Me About God


….And with the fall of the gavel it was over.

The judge looked at everyone in the court room slowly and carefully. He then hunched over the desk and scribbled furiously. We could hear his pen scratching the wood of the desk beneath the wood. Every once in a while, he would pick his head up, look around, and then hunch back over. Finally, when he was finished with his mad scribbling he looked up and

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