How I Went from being a Cracked Pot to an Earthen Vessel


Larry Duffany

“Fix it Daddy!”

My, then, 5 year-old daughter came running up to me, with tears running down her chubby little cheeks. In her trembling, stubby fingers were the remnants of a clay cup she had made and painted for me in her kindergarten “art class.”

No matter how hard I tried to calm her, to tell her it would be ok, she cried all the harder. I sat down at the kitchen table, put down some newspaper, and laid the shards and chunks out before me. With some superglue, a brush, and a magnifying glass, I spent several hours poring over the pieces trying to restore the little clay cup.
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I Want What You’ve Got!

He walked up to me and said, “I want what you’ve got!”

At that moment, I was sitting at a table at Dunkin’ Donuts, hovering over a steaming cup of regular coffee, trying to solve a dilemma I had been presented. When a friend of mine broke me out of my thoughts, wanting what I had. If only he knew.

“OK,” I replied, looking up slowly at him as I spoke. “How do you take it?” His face screwed itself into a visible question mark, and in a perplexed tone, he asked, “What?”
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