Five Reasons to March

Imagine, if you will, 90 St Paul Catholic High School students getting up at 4:30 in the morning, packing their cars, and rushing off to meet at a convent and hop on a bus no later than 6:00 AM! Why on earth would they do such a thing?
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Out of Gas and Totally Blessed!

Filling the Tank at Christmas.

Motoring down the road, windows open, radio blaring, Steve smiled as he wound through the beautiful countryside. All was bliss until the car sputtered, jerked, and then stalled. In disbelief, he peered down at the gas gauge… it read “Below E.”

 He was stuck, in the middle of nowhere. He glanced at his cellphone. No signal. It would take a miracle for him to get out of this mess.
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Why Traditions Really Matter!

“Oh Dad…do we really have to do this again?”

“Don’t you think we’re getting to old for this?”

“It’s so corny.”

The joys of being a parent of a teen and a tween! But I wasn’t going to give up! Traditions matter!

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